SuperM released their group teaser photos for the second lead single ‘Tiger Inside‘ that made their fans’ hearts to stop beating by their perfect visuals.


As previously reported, SuperM announced they will be promoting with two lead singles prior to their full comeback album release later in September. On August 30 at midnight KST, the boys revealed two stunning group teaser photos for their second lead single “Tiger Inside“.

The new song is a dance song that uniquely unravels an oriental theme with a synthesizer reminiscent of the grumbling sound of a beast and a powerful 808 base, featuring a tiger’s movements and adding a more dynamic and dynamic choreography to give SuperM its own powerful performance.

SuperM will release “Tiger Inside” on various music sites at 1 p.m. on September 1, and music videos will also be available on YouTube and Naver TV SMTOWN channels.


Meanwhile, SuperM’s full album ‘Super One‘ is set to release on September 25th. In addition, the Avenger boy group also took part in the variety program ‘Knowing Brothers‘ to promote for their comeback and the upcoming second lead single ‘Tiger Inside’.

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Take a look at their teaser pictures above. Stay tuned for more until the full release!