Ryeowook from boy group Super Junior will release a new song titled ‘Calendar’ on various music sites at noon on October 16

‘Calendar’ is a ballad that shows the importance of everyday life, the present which you may often miss. Ryeowook’s controlled vocals, dreamy guitar riffs and pop sounds will be harmonized, giving a small but sincere echo to those small moments of life.


‘Calendar’ is part of the Music Publishing Clap Company’s ‘Traveller’ project. The project is an album with a series of songs that tells the story of life under the theme of ‘Travel’, which can soothe the confusion and fear that come with the era of ‘New Normal’, which has changed the life we took for granted. The project was well received on September 21 by singer Ha Dong Kyun’s new song ‘When We First Met’.

In addition, it is more meaningful that the ‘Traveler’ project with Ryeowook was completed in collaboration with up-and-coming writers participating in the ‘2020 Creative Talent Companion Project’ by the Korea Creative Content Agency. The new song ‘Calendar’ is produced by producer Park Won Joon and new composer B.BTAN, LiO composed and arranged the song, while Cho Sung Tae, Han Soo Min, Kim Judy and CLEF CREW wrote the lyrics.

The new song and its music video, where you can meet Ryeowook’s sweet voice, will be officially released at noon on October 16.