On June 29, Sunmi appeared as the latest guest of 1TheK‘s ‘Look Me Up‘ and confidently replied to anti fans about cosmetic surgency accusations.

Singer Sunmi mentioned breast surgery and exposure photos. On the 29th, a video of Sunmi’s all-time crush on WonderK’s original YouTube channel was released.


She said, “After this festival, one of the top keywords that came up next to my name on search engines was ‘Sunmi Boob Job‘. Honestly, it’s not like I can show everyone an x-ray to prove it. Also, they’re actually not that big. I think a lot of people were skeptical because of how they seemed compared to my body at the time. But I didn’t get them done“, she replied with a confident look.


She also spoke about her exposure photos posted on his SNS account on the 20th. When the topic of the keyword ‘Sunmi Boob Job‘ came up later on, due to a viral Instagram photo of the idol. In the photo, Sunmi showcases her charisma in a semi-topless shot, covered in only a blazer. She explained, “My younger brother took this. He’s majoring in photography. This picture has more likes than my comeback teasers. People will always like it more when you show a bit of skin. After I posted this photo, some overseas fans commented, ‘Just admit you got a boob job’. Here’s me admitting that I didn’t get a boob job, and they’re not that big anyway.” 


Meanwhile, the singer’s new song “Pporappippam” released on the 29th, ranks high on various music charts including Melon, Bugs and Genie as of 8 a.m. on the 30th.
Although it was her first comeback in about 10 months since “LALALAY” was released last year, she showed excellent performance on the music charts, proving his potential as a solo queen.

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