SUGA revealed new artwork he’s working on and talked about BTS‘ album preparations.


On April 24, SUGA held a live stream on BTS’ official YouTube as part of the group’s project to ‘#StayConnected‘ with fans. He revealed his new painting, silently working on canvas for about 20 minutes, and then later mentioned he was inspired by his mom’s painting hobby. SUGA expressed, “I think I know why people paint now. This feels really soothing… Like when I make music, I’m following my instincts. I have a feeling this will become a great hobby.”


The rapper also added to RM’s comments on BTS’ upcoming album, saying, “We’re already working on a new album again. Before we started, we decided who was in charge of what. Who would oversee everything, who would look over the visuals, the music. We assigned all of that to each member. We discussed it amongst ourselves and made the decision.” He then told fans, “A video on the topic will be released soon, so please watch it.”


At the end of his stream, SUGA let fans know, “I’ll post the finished painting on Twitter and Weverse.”

Are you excited for BTS’ comeback?