Boy group STRAY KIDS will release their first full-length album ‘GO生’ on June 17. They amplified the curiosity about the album’s message and story with a trailer film reminiscent of a movie.

JYP Entertainment, the boys’ agency, released a trailer film announcing Stray Kids’ comeback on their official SNS channel at midnight on May 27.

The video features a series of amazing combinations, including a scientist experimenting at an outdoor waste factory, a student standing on a racing track in a school uniform, and a band marching in a restaurant hall. The characters and places that were out of sync gave a sense of alienation, and the video also has a unique atmosphere.


The boys slowly look around the strange space where everything has stopped, creating a strange tension. Soon after, I.N. looked up at the sky, and the two moons merged, and with a thrilling beat, everything began to pick up steam and move in perfect order.

Their first full-length album ‘GO生’ will be released on June 17.