On April 3, girl group EVERGLOW‘s label Yue Hua Entertainment released an official statement, notifying the public that a staff member of the company recently tested positive for COVID-19. EVERGLOW all 6 members tested negative!


Yue Hua stated:

“Hello, this is Yue Hua Entertainment. We notify that a staff member of our company has tested positive for COVID19 as of April 2, and as a result, the EVERGLOW members also underwent testing; as of April 3, all 6 members have tested negative.

Other company staff members who likely had contact with this staff member also underwent testing, with some of them testing negative and more still awaiting their results. We will be notifying you with additional details once they become available.

In EVERGLOW‘s case, although all of the members tested negative, we have decided to cancel all of their upcoming schedules to ensure their safety; per the government’s health and safety order, the members will be practicing self-quarantine procedures for the next 2 weeks.

Moving forward, Yue Hua Entertainment will continue to cooperate actively in any way we can, recognizing the gravity of this current situation. We apologize for causing concerns, and we promise to double our efforts in order to protect the health and safety of everyone from COVID19.”