On April 10, ‘Mapo Hipster’ (tvN) had prepared a special episode ‘introducing fashionista friends’. WINNER’s Song Mino and BlockB’s P.O had invited special guests to immediately be expected to hold a practical casual fashion contest.


On today’s broadcast, Song Mino and P.O unexpectedly received a special mission called “faschinshow (fashionista friend introducing)”. It is known that Mino has made many phones to call with his friend to win and improve the enthusiasm in the approach. Song Mino hastily shouted, “Let’s go to the shop! I have to make up”. In addition, Mino and P.O can also confirm the guests of the two who are competing fiercely in today’s broadcast.

On the same day, special guests showed up to help Song Mino and P.O plan to launch their ‘real’ casual clothes when they received the phone call and rushed out.

Titled “total special attack”, ‘Mapo Hipster’ will reach the fans with an episode three times longer than normal.

The program ‘Mapo Hipster’ (tvN) is broadcast at 10:30 every Friday night. After the broadcast, the full version is published on Youtube “채널 십오야”.