Gaon chart has updated their info on album sales of K-Pop girl groups in recent years. The champion of the girl groups’ album sales chart on Gaon has changed. And the girl group that has excelled at the top is none other than IZ*ONE with their ‘BLOOM*IZ’. In order to rise to the top, this album of IZ*ONE sold 480,543 copies. Meanwhile, TWICE takes the second place with the album ‘TWICEcoaster: LANE 1’ which sold 475,699 copies. And the 3rd place, which shocked Knet the most, belongs to the 2nd generation girl group SNSD with their 9-year-old album ‘The Boys’.

Although ranked 3rd, SNSD is the only 2nd gen idol in the top 10 best selling albums by a girl group on Gaon.
IZ*ONE ‘BLOOM*IZ’ topped the list.
TWICE ”TWICEcoaster : LANE 1′ got the second place.

tHE SM Entertainment girls appeared on this list with the album ‘The Boys’. This product has been released by SNSD since 2011 and currently has sold 466,945 copies. Although it has been released for about 9 years, SNSD ‘The Boys’ still maintains a high position in Gaon’s album chart, which is a huge surprise to Korean netizens.

SNSD ‘The Boys’ album

Right at the time of release, SNSD ‘The Boys’ dominated the music charts from physical to digital sales. SNSD has got “countless” achievements with this super hit. Some netizens did not expect that SNSD’s ability to sell albums after all these years still can defeat a number of active competitors.

After 9 years, SNSD still prove they are the nation’s girl group.

Here are some comments from Knet about the top 10 best selling albums by a girl group on Gaon:

“IZ*ONE worked hard. They deserve this position.”

“Wow, IZ*ONE surpassed TWICE. But this is still not as surprising as SNSD taking the high place.”

“SNSD’s album from 2011 is still here, that’s incredible.”

“I did think it was some other ‘The Boys’, not ‘The Boys’ from SNSD. Unexpectedly the ranking is so high. Besides, congratulations to IZ*ONE.”

“TWICE and SNSD are amazing. The number of TWICE albums on the list is stunning. And SNSD is a legend, surpassing many 3rd gen girl groups.”

“IZ*ONE being No.1 is awesome! The chart is mostly TWICE’s album, impressive. Surprisingly, there is an album from 2011, SNSD is great.”

“SNSD? Really? What a legendary nation’s group!”

“IZ*ONE is really great, that concept is great. There is also SNSD, a product that has been there for so long and still has high rankings.”

“That’s why SNSD should be considered a legend, their album was released nearly 9 years ago yet it still can compete with many on the chart.”