SNSD Taeyeon made her fans excited by announcing to release the summer version of her spring single from earlier this year, “Happy“!

Happy (Summer Version)” live video, which will be shown through SM STATION (station), will be released on YouTube’s SM STATION channel at 6 p.m. on the 26th.


“Happy,” released on May 4, is an R&B pop genre song that reinterprets old school Duwab and R&B with modern sounds, and the lyrics contain the excitement and happiness felt in the time with the loved one, topped the nation’s major music charts as soon as it was released, and topped the iTunes Top Song Chart in 15 regions around the world.

In particular, the live video is expected to receive a heated response as it will be able to meet the summer version of “Happy” arranged in a summer mood with a refreshing voice from Taeyeon.

SM “STATION” will not only release high-quality music created through collaboration with various singers, producers and composers, but will also build its own “SM Library” by introducing various contents such as live videos and interview videos.