Police have found a man allegedly using a suspicious liquid at a bathroom in Songpa, Seoul and they are investigating. This man is known as the singer Wheesung, who is suspected of using psychotropic drugs, police are checking details.


On April 1, according to the Songpa Police Department, Seoul, police received a call reporting that a man passed out in the bathroom of a building in Songpa, Seoul. The man found at the scene and known that is singer Wheesung.

Police said he injected an unknown liquid and performed a urine liver test but had a negative reaction to the drug. It is known that at the scene of the scene, a bottle of liquid was found. The police are capturing the details of the case as well as confirming the specific composition of the liquid.

In addition, police are conducting an investigation into the suspected use of propofol, sleep stimulant. The drug investigation team of the Gyeongbuk Police Department is expected to determine the truth through the investigations.

Wheesung was once the subject of a prosecution investigation for suspected use of propofol during his military service in 2013. He explained it with the “purpose of treatment” and was said to have been awarded innocence on July 10, 2013.