SHINee Taemin has released the prologue single ‘2 KIDS‘, which opened the prelude to the epic of his third full-length album “Never Gonna Dance Again” on August 4th.

The new song “2 KIDS” is an electro-pop genre song that combines a minimal track led by a warm and comfortable guitar sound with Taemin’s dim and delicate vocals, and the lyrics contain memories of separation due to his clumsy childhood love, and it is enough to meet his strong performance as an emotional vocalist, different from his strong performer.


In particular, Taemin’s third full-length album “Never Gonna Dance Again” is a movie-like story and music from a prologue single to two albums, “Act 1” and “Act 2” that is scheduled to be released later. The prologue single metaphorically expressed the painful growing pains, as it contains the agony and challenge of finding a new identity as an artist while solidifying the singer’s identity so far.

Regarding this song, Taemin said, “It’s a song that you can listen to comfortably anytime, anywhere. I wrote the lyrics with everyday words like my usual way of speaking, rather than poetic expressions, so it would be better to focus on the lyrics”.


In addition, the music video of “2 KIDS” depicts an emotional and mournful atmosphere in line with the lyrics of the song, and is expected to receive a good response for its dramatic portrayal of the complex emotions after the breakup with Taemin’s wild gestures and detailed facial expressions.

SHINee Taemin will hold a live broadcast “Taemin’s ‘2 KIDS on the Block‘ on Naver’s V LIVE SMTOWN channel at 7 p.m. KST on the 4th to introduce his new song ‘2 KIDS’ and tell a variety of stories, including spoilers for his upcoming album.

Check out the official music video ‘2 KIDS’ here: