SHINee Taemin has released another villainous set of teaser images for his upcoming pre-release track, “2 Kids“.

Taemin’s upcoming pre-release single is a moody electronic pop genre, accompanied by minimal guitar sounds and Taemin’s strong, sentimental vocals. After dropping his pre-release “2 Kids” on August 4 at 6 PM KST, the solo singer plans on returning with his 3rd full album ‘Never Gonna Dance Again‘.


In particular, this third full-length album contains the agony and challenge of finding a new identity as an artist while solidifying Taemin’s identity so far, and the narrative is connected with movie-like stories and music throughout his prologue single and two albums, which is enough to meet the deeper world of Taemin’s music.

In addition, SHINee Taemin completed his unique colors as a solo artist based on his solid singing, outstanding performance, and stylish charm, and proved his ace-like aspect by making consecutive hits such as “Danger,” “Press Your Number,” “MOVE,” and “WANT,” which draws more attention to the music and stage of his new album.

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After releasing ‘2 Kids’, Taemin’s new third album will be dropping on August 4 at 6 PM KST.


Stay tuned and wait for more information about Shinee Taemin ‘s upcoming comeback. Check out concept photos and teaser images here.