Shindong shared some of his concerns about his weight loss on the April 6 broadcast of KBS Joy’s ‘Ask Me Anything’. On the program, he revealed that he is worried because people were uncomfortable with his new appearance.


Shindong has lost a whopping 36 kilograms (~80 pounds) but said that while working as an MV director, he found that “people are uncomfortable around me. Maybe it’s because I’m a celebrity, but when I’m making MVs, they don’t seem comfortable talking to me. Since I’ve lost weight, a lot of people have become uncomfortable. Even Seo Jang Hoon hyung seemed worried, asking me why I’m losing so much weight.”

MC Seo Jang Hoon replied, saying: “I know because I’ve lost weight before. Your head hurts and you have no strength. I asked because I was worried. There are negative side effects to dieting too intensely.” Shindong prepared evidence stating that he is healthier, including a lower body fat percentage.

Meanwhile, Shindong seems to be expressing his continued interest in filming, saying he would like to make a musical movie like ‘La La Land’ one day.