The boy group SF9 has honestly expressed about their comeback.

On the afternoon of June 6, SF9’s showcase was held to release the mini-album vol.8 ‘9LoryUS’. This program is stream online to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


SF9 started a new leap with their first official album ‘FIRST COLLECTION‘ which brought the first win in January. The group will portray the splendid moment through this comeback after 6 months.

Through their previous promotions, SF9 received a lot of love when it came to winning the first position. On that day, the group was asked, “Is there any burden on the comeback for the new album?”. In this regard, Rowoon said, “If I say that there is no burden, maybe it’s a lie. The truth is that every album has a burden. I think that we prepared to do better the previous album.”


In addition, Youngbin also shared, “Not only fans but also a lot of people who love us in our previous promotion. Although we were under pressure, we prepared great performances for you guys.”

SF9’s new title song ‘Summer Breeze‘ is a House song featuring a free summer atmosphere. SF9 has brought an energetic stage combining its youthful and hot performances on brilliant summer days.

SF9’s mini-album vol.8 ‘9LoryUS’ was released through the main digital music sites at 6 pm (Korean time) on the same day.

Watch the MV of title song ‘Summer Breeze’ below: