SF9, who is marking the fourth anniversary of their debut next month, will express their gratitude to fans through the album ‘SPECIAL HISTORY BOOK’.


SF9 will release ‘SPECIAL HISTORY BOOK’ on October 5. The special album, which will be out on their debut date, is part of SF9’s fourth anniversary project, ‘FANTASY RACE’. Looking back on the four years that SF9 has been running for, the project reflects the support and love of their fans, called ‘FANTASY’, who have always been a source of warm energy, and it means that they will cherish fans’ precious love.

SF9’s agency FNC Entertainment released a poster for the title track ‘Shine Together’ on their official SNS on September 28.


The poster is an image of the music sheet of ‘Shine Together’, which makes fans look forward to a warm and emotional song. SF9 has always listened to fans’ opinions and constantly worked hard to show good performances, so now fans feel even more loved seeing their idols writing song dedicated to them.

The boys’ special album has a total of three songs, from the fan song ‘Shine Together’ to 2 new songs of various genres, adding to the fun of listening. Pre-ordering for ‘SPECIAL HISTORY BOOK’, which contains four years of the group’s history, starts on September 28.