SF9 Rowoon has been selected as a model for the beverage brand Gongcha and is receiving much love from the advertising industry.

His agency FNC Entertainment said on April 13, “Rowoon has been selected as the brand model for Gongcha Korea, a global beverage brand.” In the released photo, Rowoon emits a warm charm with a neat look that matches his stylish knitwear with cotton pants.


In the future, Rowoon will meet with consumers in various forms, including pictorials and online commercials, as a new model for Gongcha. Rowoon’s photoshoot will be available on the official website of Gongcha and on their official SNS channels such as Instagram and Facebook.


“We decided that Rowoon’s bright and positive energy fits well with Gongcha, so we chose him as a new brand model,” said an official at Gongcha Korea. “We can look forward to seeing Rowoon, who is active in various fields, and what kind of chemistry he will show with Gongcha.”


Rowoon has recently been recognized for his star quality as he was selected as models for various brands such as casual jeans, cosmetics and confectionery products. Rowoon, who has won the heart of the advertising industry with his clean and fresh visuals, is loved by the audience as well, working in various fields such as acting, music and entertainment.