Boy group SEVENTEEN is drawing attention as they collaborated with world-renowned jewelry designer Francesca Amfitheatrof for a new bracelet.


On July 1, SEVENTEEN announced the release of a bracelet in collaboration with Francesca Amfitheatrof, the leading designer of the jewelry industry, through the SNS account of Monotube, and is receiving explosive responses by showing off their global influence.

‘Thief and Heist’, where the designer work, has pointed to SEVENTEEN as their second collaboration partner after global pop star Elton John, realizing the boy’s global recognition and popularity, and further anticipating the synergy effect that will take place thanks to a special meeting between the global designer and the top boy group.


The bracelet is a cable tie and the flat part of the silver tag is engraved with the SEVENTEEN logo, adding to its special meaning. It is also drawing much attention from the fashion world as it is made of recycled plastic, and some proceeds will be donated to Plastic Bank.


Francesca Amfitheatrof explained, “As a huge fan of SEVENTEEN, I’ve always admired the group’s style. I proposed a collaboration because I was sure it would be perfect if I joined the world’s most popular people.”

SEVENTEEN said, “It’s our first time to officially collaborate with a global designer, so we’re honored and amazed. We think it’s a meaningful collaboration to make bracelets using recycled plastic and to donate some of the proceeds to the Plastic Bank organization, which strives to preserve the environment.”


As SEVENTEEN has been practicing donation and warm sharing in many ways, their collaboration with good intentions is much praised by the public.