More Comebacks and Debuts To Blow Up September

More Comebacks and Debuts To Blow Up September

It's been the middle of September but more and more K-Pop comebacks and debuts are ready to get on the way for the rest of this month. Let's check out which artists we would see in the near future and get ready for these boomings!

September 16

fromis_9 is going to be the first comeback shot in September after more than a year away as they release the mini-album “My Little Society” on September 16.


UNVS also return with their single “Sand Castle” on the same day.

September 17


KNK returns after making a long-waiting pause on September 17, releasing their mini album “KNK AIRLINE.”

September 18


TREASURE is set for their first comeback on September 18 with the single album “The First Step: Chapter Two.”

September 21


EVERGLOW plans to comeback is scheduled for September 21, when they’ll release their mini-album “-77.82X-78.29.”

The Boyz is also having a come back that day with their mini album “Chase.”

The new co-ed group CHECKMATE releases their debut single album called “Drum” on September 21.

September 22


cignature’s new mini album “Listen and Speak” comes out on September 22.

September 23


This day seems to be the hottest days with lots of K-Pop artists' returns on this day. First is a brand New music rookie group BDC makes a comeback on September 23 with the mini album “The Intersection: Belief.”

H&D (Lee Han Gyul and Nam Do Hyon) releases their last special album “Umbrella” on that day as they also gear up to debut with a new boy group.

Chungha has teamed up with Danish musician Christopher to release the collaboration “Bad Boy” on September 23.


Maroo Entertainment’s new boy group GHOST9 debuts on September 23 with “Pre Episode 1: DOOR.”

Girl group PRECIOUS from UMI Entertainment also makes their debut that day with the song “BEBE.”

September 24


UP10TION makes a comeback on September 24 with the mini-album “Light Up.”

The girl group XUM, which has three members of the former group NeonPunch, makes a fresh start as they debut with the single “Ddalala” that day.

September 25


SuperM puts out their first full album “Super One” on September 25.

Former BESTie member Dahye makes a solo debut that day with the single “Poison,” which is a remake originally from Uhm Jung Hwa‘s hit.

September 28


Super Junior D&E releases a special version of their album “BAD BLOOD” on September 28.

AKMU has also announced plans for a comeback in September!