Seol Hyun (girl group AOA) will participate in the description of the first documentary.

MBC said that Seol Hyun will take on the role of a narrator in the first part of the series M ‘Pandemic’, which is roughly translated as “People before death“, which will be broadcast at 22h05 (Korean time) on May 21.


The film contains the story of a professional medical team struggling to save patients’ lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. A genuine interview of the victim’s family COVID-19 and a story about the mother giving birth dramatic in the danger of infection will be broadcast.


Seol Hyun has shown much interest in overcoming COVID-19 when participating in the “Challenge” campaign thanks to the dedication of the medical team. It is known that Seol Hyun, the first person to take on a coordinating role in the documentary, showed clear expression of tension from the beginning when recording, but she received positive reviews from the team produced because of the excellent depiction of the endangered situation of Daegu, which has suffered from COVID-19.

She said: “Watching the live video has made me realize more serious and I respect the team of doctors who have been devoted. I thought a lot about my parents when watching the interview of the victim’s family that even their parents could not protect. I hope that this tragedy will end soon. ”