BLACKPINK has released the final teaser photo of Selena Gomez, count downing for the upcoming collaboration single ‘Ice Cream‘.

American pop star and actor Selena Gomez will join the music video for the new song “Ice Cream” by the group BLACKPINK.

Gomez in the poster before the release of the music video draws attention with her shining appearance. In addition, red and white striped beach look and cool flying hair stand out for their refreshing health.


‘Ice Cream’ is currently drawing attention as a combination of BLACKPINK and Selena, one of the hottest female artists in the world, and in particular, one of the concerns was whether Gomez would appear in the music video as well as in the “Ice Cream” music video.

Gomez recently posted a photo of a pink car with a license plate reading “Selpink” on her Instagram, arousing fans’ expectations and curiosity. In addition, YG Entertainment also hinted at “Ice cream” as “very cool music that goes well with the hot summer.”