Sandara Park showed her love for Yubin and Han Seung Yeon, who were there to support her musical!

On April 26, She took to her Twitter account to share a photo with the two and wrote as her caption, “Such pretty girls who came to see ‘Another Oh Hae Young’~ They said they enjoyed it so much. They said they alternated back and forth in their faces going red from the dance our cast prepared for the curtain call. They’re so cute. Yubin, Seung Yeon, and our cast! Are all amazing!


She Park also used the hashtags for Wonder Girls, KARA, and 2NE1 as Yubin, Han Seung Yeon, and Sandara Park were members of each group respectively. All three were active in what is commonly known as the 2nd generation of K-pop.

Sandara Park is currently performing in “Another Oh Hae Young,” the musical adaptation of the drama with the same name.