Singer/song-writer Roy Kim is planning to release a new single before his upcoming mandatory enlistment, as a member of the marine corps.

Previously, Roy Kim’s side confirmed that the singer would be enlisting in the marine corps this June 15. In light of his brief hiatus from promotions, Roy Kim is said to completed MV filming for a new single, set for release some time at the end of May. 


Back in April of 2019, Roy Kim was accused of being one of the members of Jung Joon Young‘s illegal chat rooms. The singer was then summoned for a series of police questionings, after which the police concluded that Roy Kim was “not guilty” of most his allegations, including suspicion of spreading illegal hidden camera footage via the chat rooms, or being present in any of Jung Joon Young’s illegal chat rooms at all. Roy Kim was then charged with one account of uploading an illegal photo which he downloaded on the internet, and the case came to a close in February of this year as prosecutors chose not to pursue charges.

Roy Kim and Jung Joon Young (right)

Furthermore, it was later revealed that Roy Kim shared the internet photo in the chat room in order to argue that a trending photo – which was sexualizing a particular celebrity at the time – was most likely a photoshopped image.

Meanwhile, this will mark Roy Kim’s first new music release in approximately 2 years.