British fashion & culture magazine DAZED released various styling pictorials and interviews in its May 2020 edition, in which Yeri, the youngest member of Red Velvet, showed off her charm teaming up with Reebok.


In the pictorial, Yeri demonstrates a variety of styling in sneakers. Her diverse charms can be felt directly, ranging from tennis skirts and dresses to comfortable jumpsuits and shorts.


In the short interview, when asked about how she started working on music, Yeri replied, “I haven’t released it, but I’ve written and composed many songs since my debut. I like reading books, so I naturally wrote down what comes to mind while reading books. It’s not big projects, but I would put a melody on a memo and it becomes a song. I think it’s attractive to be able to express my story through music.”


Yeri’s special pictorial and interview, which are drawing attention as she is a rising fashion icon, can be found in the May 2020 issue of DAZED Korea and its official SNS.