Member Jisook from girl group RAINBOW and programmer, entrepreneur Lee Doo Hee have been revealed to be getting married in October.


Jisook’s agency, Starit Entertainment, said in an official press release on June 30, “Jisook and her groom-to-be Lee Doo Hee will be married sometime in October. They are just getting ready to get married, and they are preparing step by step.”

“We ask for your warm blessing for the future of Jisook, who is about to start a new life, and we will continue to work hard to repay you with as much love as you have sent us,” they said. The wedding venue has yet to be decided.

Jisook and Lee Doo Hee revealed their romantic relationship in October last year. Since then, the two have appeared on MBC’s ‘Don’t Be Jealous‘, showing their sweet sides, drawing envy from many viewers. Ji-sook said, “I was happy to be with my love. Thank you for recognizing me.” Lee Doo Hee also confessed, “Thank you for everything.” And he kissed his girlfriend, saying, “I love you.”


In particular, the couple received congratulations from many for their surprise wedding news on ‘Don’t Be Jealous’.

Jisook debuted as a RAINBOW member in 2009. She was loved for a variety of songs, including ‘Gossip Girl’, ‘A’, ‘Mach’, ‘Tell Me Tell Me’, ‘Sunshine’, ‘To Me’ and ‘Kiss’. She has also been active in various entertainment programs.

Lee Doo Hee is a former computer programmer at Seoul National University. He appeared on tvN‘s ‘The Genius: Rule Breaker’ in 2013 and is currently in a programming group in charge of coding education and IT services.