Pledis Entertainment‘s CEO Han Sung Soo is being accused of fraudulently taking copyright royalties.

Lyricist SO JAY participated in 8 of IZ*ONE‘s songs. She wrote lyrics for 5 of the songs on their mini-albums and for 3 of the songs on their full album. Dispatch claimed that SO JAY has been revealed to be Han Sung Soo’s wife, who they claim did not actually participate in writing any of the lyrics.

Pledis Entertainment had said that SO JAY is actually Han Sung Soo just using his wife’s name. However, Dispatch claimed that Han Sung Soo was already receiving money as the producer of IZ*ONE, and therefore is taking ‘extra’ money if he is taking lyricist fees. 

An insider said, “He receives income for producing, so he’s probably being cautious of CJ. If he’s got nothing to hide, there’s no reason to use his wife’s name.” Dispatch further claimed that there were tax consequences as well.

However, Han Sung Soo emphasized that there is no problem with taxes or malpractice. He had just wanted to get paid for what he had worked for. He added, “I wanted to be recognized for what I participated. I was not able to retain the producer’s dignity and I got greedy. I’m sorry.