BLACKPINK’s main dancer was memorable for a number of reasons.

Professional photographers are the ones in charge of taking photos of idol’s and actor’s official events. Whether it’s concerts, reality shows, or commercials, they get their subject’s best looks and edit them to perfection.

According to professional photographers Han Man Hee and Bae Gang Woo, there are some celebrities who look as gorgeous in person as they do in photos.

One of them is BLACKPINK‘s main dancer and maknaeLisa! The comment that brought her to their attention was, “If you didn’t know BLACKPINK’s Lisa is a singer, you would have thought she’s a goddess model overseas. Her body proportions are outstanding, maybe because she’s been a dancer since she was a kid.”

Without a second thought, one of the photographers agreed with the netizen’s comment. Man Hee, a photographer with 10 years of experience, pointed out Lisa’s perfect overall visuals.

Gang Woo, a professional with 8 years of experience, revealed that he even got to see BLACKPINK up close while filming their reality show BLACKPINK HOUSE.

It wasn’t just Lisa’s model-like looks that made her stand out to him, but also her courteous personality.

With her gorgeous visuals and kind manners, it’s no wonder Lisa has amassed a huge international fanbase. She’s currently the ambassador of numerous luxury brands and her Instagram is the most followed in the Korean entertainment industry!

If you want to check out more of the professional photographer’s truth revelations, check out the full video below (with English subtitles)!