On March 10, Paul Kim made his comeback official by releasing a preview video of his second full-length album ‘Heart, Two’ on the official SNS and YouTube channel.

The 1-minute video contains highlights of a total of five songs from ‘Heero,’ ‘Kakao,’ ‘Holiday,’ and ‘My Spring Reason,’ including the title track ‘Our Meeting.’

In the video clip, you can get a glimpse of the colorful concepts that give you an idea of the mood of each song. The first track, ‘Hero,’ captured the singer’s sincerity through a vast beach, while the title track ‘Our Meeting’ further amplified Paul Kim’s sensibility by unraveling everyday encounters and partings with emotional characters.


Meanwhile, ‘Kakao Talk’ featured Paul Kim in office worker costumes, drawing sympathy from viewers by expressing the lethargic modern society. ‘HOLIDAY’ drew interest by expressing the cheerful rhythm of the song in paper art and stop motion. Finally, ‘My Spring Reason’ brought a warm and dreamy feeling through various objects symbolizing spring. In addition, at the end of the video, the album promotion schedule appeared, raising expectations for the contents to be released in the future.


Just like the album ‘Heart, One’ released in October last year, Paul Kim participated in writing and composing the songs for this ‘Heart, Two’, together with a large number of talented musicians such as Nive, Jehwi, Yoon Seok-chul, DAVII, Hong So-jin and Joseph K, who enhance the album’s perfection. The album will also attract the public’s eyes and ears with colorful and high-quality content.