Singer Park Ji Hoon brought a little sweetness in the tired afternoon with his diverse charms.

Park Ji Hoon appeared as a guest on the ‘Cultwo Show‘ (SBS Power FM) on the afternoon of May 29.


Park Ji Hoon shared, “I like sports and love playing games.” He also boasted, “I like to exercise and have two computers at home.”

DJ Kim Tae Kyun praised Park Ji Hoon – sports fan: “When I first met him last year, I had a feeling he was a bit pretty and lovely, but now I find him full masculine handsome”. After that, Park Ji Hoon had time to introduce songs such as the title track ‘Wings‘ in the recently released mini-album vol.3 ‘The W‘.

The Cultwo Show also features fans of Park Ji Hoon as audiences. In particular, Park Ji Hoon – who celebrated his birthday on the same day – received many greetings from fans and the team of ‘Cultwo Show’. Kim Tae Kyun said, “I have received more questions about you (Ji Hoon) than anyone else in the past of this show.” Park Ji Hoon also received that warm interest from the audience and warmly answered the fans’ questions to him.


When asked, “Do you think you’re handsome?”, Park Ji Hoon – who surprised everyone by saying “No” – he said coldly: “I’m not the type that is so obsessed into myself like that.”

On that day, Park Ji Hoon showed a special affection for fans by immediately clearing the curiosity of fans, such as the style of his favorite perfume, a car license, the reason for journaling, and affection for his dog, Max.