Oh My Girl surprised Kim Tae-gyun and Park Seul-gi with their newly released song ‘Nonstop‘.

On the Cultwo Show (SBS Power FM) airing on March 29, Oh My Girl appeared as a special guest. On March 27, Oh My Girl released a mini-album vol.7 ‘NONSTOP‘ including the title track ‘Nonstop’. Seunghee introduced the song: “It is a song that feels the thrill of friendship. I think this will be a highly addictive song and I think many people will love it.” Next, the group showed a gentle vibe with the song’s refreshing melody.


Jihyo shared the support of Shin Bong Sun. She laughed and said, “We often meet Bong Sun and Celeb Five sisters. Therefore, we are close to each other.” Oh My Girl group members are all excited. Kim Tae-gyun and Park Seul-gi were surprised “The first time I met such people”.

Originally, the members showed off their bright images when asked, “Who is the brightest member after Seunghee?”. The members drew attention by saying, “Hyojung!”.

The members also fulfilled their promise if they can get first place in this album. Hyojeong said, “It seems to be interesting to change the part of the song together. Rap is too hard, so I decided to do it.”


Oh My Girl has been debuting for 6 years. When asked if there were any friends other than the beginning, the members admitted, “A Rin has become much brighter”. Arin also admitted: “It seems I have become a bit brighter”. In addition, Arin also talked about his experience in web drama filming. “I was filming in the winter but it was very cold. Because of the breathing escapes, before filming, suck ice water and spit it out. Despite that, I feel very proud of the beautiful image. I am working hard.”

Binnie was also surprised when showing off her mukbang. She surprised the audience when she shared, “When I was a child, I ate a lot, so I usually ate only Large size, because diet, I had to switch to Regular size when I debuted.”