NU’EST member JR will continue to be a model for beauty brand Origins as he renewed the advertising contract with them today.

In particular, JR, who has renewed his contract after creating an amazing synergy with Origins with his friendly and positive image, will continue to work as an ambassador to promote the brand, through various means including pictorials.


His agency, Pledis Entertainment, said on April 13, “NU’EST JR, who has been an exclusive model for natural beauty brand Origins since 2019, has renewed his contract and will once again meet the public and present a different look through Origins.”

In response, along with the news of the renewal, the male singer released some of the photo cuts, which bring a warm feeling, making fans feel his upgraded visuals and the freshness of spring days.

nuest-jr-renews-advertising-model-contract-with-cosmetics-brand-origins-2 (2)

The idol expressed his professional and affectionate heart as an advertising model, saying, “As I am often wear makeup on stage and stay under hot lighting, I often use products for dry and sensitive skin to calm my skin.”

Meanwhile, NU’EST is speeding up their preparations for the new album which plans to come out in May.