Singer Nilo will return to clear up the recent chart manipulation controversy with a new song on June 16.


According to StarNews on Sunday, Nilo will release his new song on June 16. Nilo will make a comeback to the K-pop scene 10 months after his latest release in August last year. Currently, Nilo is putting the final touches to the song ahead of its release.

Nilo entered the music scene in 2015 with his digital single ‘Fool’. In 2017, his ‘Pass By’ became a hot topic as it topped various music charts, drawing attention. Since then, his releases always become the top songs on South Korea’s music charts.

In November last year, he appeared on MBC’s ‘King of Mask Singer‘ and advanced to the third round, which helped him get recognized for his skills by the public.

However, he was embroiled in a controversy about alleged manipulation of music charts on SBS’s ‘Unanswered Questions’ in 2020. In response to the report at the time, the agency, LIMEZ Entertainment, refuted the report as groundless and demanded a formal apology.

In the meantime, Nilo has been in the spotlight for his deep emotion by releasing a number of ballads, including ‘Passing By’, ‘He’story’, ‘Sorrow in Vain’, and ‘The day, I hate myself’. Attention is focusing on whether the new album will clear up the controversy and protect his title as a music powerhouse once again.