FNC Entertainment’s new boy group P1Harmony has confirmed to make their debut with the first album ‘DISHARMONY: STAND OUT’.


According to their agency FNC Entertainment, P1Harmony will release the debut album ‘DISHARMONY: STAND OUT’ on October 28. In their first album, the boys will deliver a message for “The Courage to Be Different from Others, The Power to Say No to the World” in a society surrounded by ‘disharmony’.

P1Harmony is a boy group consisting of six members, including Giho, Theo, Jiwoong, Intak, Soul, and Jongseop. It is a compound word of ‘Plus’, the number ‘1’, and the word ‘Harmony’, which means that they have unlimited possibilities of creating various harmonies when they are one team.


P1Harmony’s debut promotion contents, besides the feature film ‘P1Harmony: Beginning of a New World‘, will be released sequentially on their official SNS before their debut. The schedule for the album release has also been revealed in the picture below.