Korean netizens are digging up the selfies Jimin posted on the day Mina left AOA, in which the leader smiled so refreshingly.

A selfie Jimin posted on May 13, 2019

Before Jimin announced her withdrawl from the group and the entertainment industry, Internet users have noticed a couple of other circumstantial evidence of bullying controversy. One of them was Jimin updating her Instagram with her smiling selfies on the same day former AOA member Mina officially announced her departure from AOA back on May 13th, 2019. Netizens are split over whether this is evincing bullying or just a coincidence.


Some comments read: “This is a reach. Y’all are conspiring to drag her even more.”

“I don’t think it was just a coincidence. Out of all other pictures that could show she was in London such as scenery, she posted the one she was smiling.”

“I’d be super upset if the leader of the group updates her Instagram while one of the group members is officially leaving the group.”


“Stop projecting. She should be held accountable for what she actually did, not some made-up stuff like this.”

“Well, it’s entirely possible that she already knew Mina was departing ahead of the announcement. Like they already knew Mina wasn’t renewing the contract with FNC.”

It was the day Mina announced her leaving the group.

Meanwhile, a past video clip of AOA also spread as the bullying controversy unfolded. Some netizens pointed out how Jimin was picking her nails while Mina was shedding her tears.