NCT Dream group released a new album and a music video for ‘Ridin‘ song with the strong spread of ‘swag of youth’.


At 6 pm (Korean time) on April 29, NCT Dream announced all of the songs from their new album ‘Reload’ and the MV of the title song ‘Ridin’ was also released simultaneously via YouTube channel and SMTOWN Naver TV.

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‘Ridin’ is a song that evokes the running instinct of the heavy bass genre of Urban Trap and the strong rhythm, which contains NCT Dream‘s enthusiasm and aspiration towards a new path, fast speed with high energy performance. Besides, the new MV ‘Ridin’ also shows the energetic and free energy image of NCT Dream, in addition to being able to see the outstanding emotional beauty of the video with the bright light and the neon inscription.

In addition, this album also shows the power of 5 songs including the song ‘Quiet Down‘ in the hip hop EDM genre, the song ‘7 Days‘ in the R&B genre, and ‘Love Again‘ in the last songs of the series about the first love of NCT Dream, ‘Puzzle Piece‘ were written by members Jeno and Jaemin, and will bring warm feelings, …

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Furthermore, members Renjun, Jeno, Jaemin, Chenle, Jisung, will also begin preparing to join new NCT teams and promote globally in the near future. NCT’s “under 20” group NCT Dream will be undergoing a reorganization after the release of ‘Reload’.

From 5 pm (Korean time) on the same day, NCT Dream made a live broadcast of ‘NCT Dream Ridin Countdown‘ on Naver V Live’s NCT Dream channel and shared a variety of stories such as behind the scene of album preparation and production, recent situation stories, playing the game.

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Watch ‘Ridin’ music video below: