Nam Dohyon and Lee Hangyul (H&D) announced their promise to return with their first mini-album, ‘SOULMATE‘.


At the showcase held on April 21, Lee Hangyul said, “Because this album’s title is ‘Soul‘, I want to dance in Seoul Square, which has the same pronunciation as the album title if we ranked 1st. ” And, “We will have to replace it with a dance video because of COVID-19, but when the plague is getting better we want to dance in Seoul Square.” When asked how often to contact the members of X1, Lee Hangyul replied, “Yes. I am watching, supporting and meeting at the broadcast stations.” Nam Dohyon answered “They said we were cool. Those words gave us strength.”

Meanwhile, Nam Dohyon turned to the fans and spoke English fluently: “Hope everyone will pay more attention and love because the group has worked hard to make a comeback.” Lee Hangyul also called out, “Although the X1 members are scattered, everyone has their own activities so please support everyone for each member’s activities.”

6 pm (Korean time) on the same day, H&D released his first mini-album ‘SOULMATE‘ through online music sites. The title song ‘Soul‘ is a song with a strong rhythm. Lee Hangyul’s delicate vocals overcame the low and high pitch and the rough and elegant tone of Nam Dohyon brings a relentless immersion.

Watch MV of duo H&D below: