MONSTA X Hyungwon recently had a photoshoot and interview with fashion and beauty trend magazine NYLON. And he slayed it.


In the upcoming May issue of NYLON magazine, Hyungwon draws more attention by filling empty spaces with nothing but his own existence. Photographer Yoo Young Joon, who shot the pictorial, said, “He’s like an actor who freely walked into the lens,” and every time a photo was captured on camera, all the staff members at the scene were amazed.


In fact, the idol said, “When I first made my debut, I just kept going here and there, but now I can think and enjoy my surroundings while doing activities. I’m able to control myself even when I’m shooting a pictorial.”


MONSTA X Hyungwon will make a comeback with his team with the new mini-album ‘FANTASIA X‘ on May 11.