The Mnet ‘I-Land‘ production team has been under fire after it was pointed out that they didn’t ensure safety for the contestants and staff, leading to a bad accident.


According to an official on June 15, a staff member filed an internal complaint to Mnet due to poor safety during filming of reality show ‘I-Land’.

The official said, “The stage at the filming set is designed to be too dangerous even for the dancers who have mastered the set. Safety issues were also raised at an internal meeting, but it went ahead. In the end, three days before the shooting, a staff member fell from the stage and bled, but no follow-up measures have been taken. Moreover, on the day of the shooting, one of the contestants got in an accident and was taken to the emergency room with a fracture in his arm, making it difficult for him to continue appearing on the show.”

“They didn’t take safety measures afterwards, but just revised the stage a little,” the official said. “If they lack manpower, I think it’s right to reduce the size of the program or hire more people accordingly.”

Meanwhile, Mnet said, “It is true that there was an accident at the filming site, but it is not true that we tried to cover it. We have strengthened safety measures on the site since the accident. In the case of the contestant, he had an accident in the early stages of shooting, making it difficult for him to join the shooting in the future. We are discussing support measures in consultation with his agency.”

‘I-Land’, which will premiere on Mnet and tvN on June 26, is an reality program presented by Mnet in collaboration with Big Hit Entertainment. The show will depict the birth process of the next generation of global artists.

A total of 23 contestants (Kim Sun Woo, Kim Yoon Won, Kim Tae Yong, Noh Sung Chul, Nicholas, Ni Ki, Daniel, Park Sung Hoon, Byun Eui Joo, Yang Jung Won, Lee Geon Woo, Lee Young Bin, Lee Hee Seung, Jung Jae Beom, Jay, Jake, Jo Kyung Min, Choi Se On, Choi Jae Ho, Chu Ji Min, K, Han Bin, Ta Ki). The names of the participant who were forced to leave due to injuries cannot be found on the cast list.