Mnet I-LAND has revealed a teaser of IU’s theme song for the reality show, in which Rain and Zico are joining as idol mentors.


As previously reported, titled “Into the I-Land“, the opening theme song of Mnet I-LAND is hand-produced by Big Hit Entertainment‘s head producer Bang Si Hyuk. The song contains a hopeful message of growing together while aiding one another, also encompassing elements of the ‘I-LAND’ storyline. The song is based on the House and Pop-Rock genres.

The teaser video features Big Hit Entertainment CEO Bang Si Hyuk, who’s the composer of the theme song and a producer on the show, along with idol mentors Zico and Rain

I-LAND aims to create the next generation global K-Pop boy group by combining Big Hit Entertainment‘s strategic artist production system with CJ ENM‘s large-scale contents creation techniques. Even before their official debut, this new K-Pop boy group will be faced with a unique universe in which they work together, compete, and hone their skills. Solo artist RainBlock B‘s Zico, and Big Hit Entertainment’s Bang Si Hyuk are also featuring as the three main producers of the program.

I-LAND premieres on June 26 at 11PM KST. Take a look at the contestants here if you missed them.