The Korea Army Training Center recently released images of Yook Sungjae and Im Hyunsik, two members of boygroup BTOB.


Sungjae entered the training camp on May 11 and received basic military training. In the first photo released, the idol is wearing a military uniform and a beret, sitting down in a well-defined posture, and showing a bright smile, hinting he was training without any awkwardness.


There is also a photo of Sungjae wearing comfortable daily clothes sitting with his comrades. His bright smile and a manly attitude again caught the eyes of fans.


In addition, BTOB leader Eunkwang said on May 25 about a picture of Hyunsik, “Oh, our Hyunsik! It’s finally up!! His face is so bright that I feel good, too. Let’s stay healthy and have fun like we are now.”


“P.S. I got a call from Hyunsik yesterday. He’s doing so well. He’s getting a lot of letters. He read them all. Especially, he told MELODY that he is so reassured and encouraged thanks to them. He also told me to tell MELODYs that he loves them.”

Yook Sungjae and Im Hyunsik entered the training camp on May 11. Their discharge date is set to be November 14, 2021.