It has been a year since Sulli passed away, but it all seemed like yesterday.

Today (October 14) is the 1-year anniversary of the death of the deceased female idol Sulli. This day 1 year ago, no one could hold back when the most beautiful “snowflake” chose to commit suicide, freeing herself after a long series of suffering and struggling with malicious comments. A year has passed, but it seems that the pain of missing her is still in the heart of the person staying.

This morning, close friend Kim Sun Ah was the first to visit the grave of the deceased female idol. The actress became a close friend of Sulli after starring in the movie Real. After Sulli passed away, Kim Sun Ah adopted the deceased female idol’s pet cat Goblin. Kim Sun Ah shared emotional feelings on her personal page, saying that she stayed up all night longing for Sulli.


“I can’t sleep, I awake to be able to visit you soon. I never forgot you, even for a moment. I miss you so much, and want to say a lot of things, but my tears keep falling. You don’t know how much I love you. Goblins are still doing well. Even when I’m married, I’ll hold my husband’s hand, have children, I’ll bring them to meet you, I will not leave you alone. So don’t be lonely. Goodbye, I love you, my soulmate “– Kim Sun Ah’s share touched many people.

The female idol’s brother also posted pictures of visiting her grave and confided lines on his personal page: “It’s been a while. It’s really hard this day. I have to hide all my feelings because I’m your brother. Are you still listening to me? Please”.


SM Entertainment – the home of Sulli has been attached for more than half of her life, has also updated a photo of Sulli beaming on her official Facebook page with the message: “We miss your smile”. In the photo, Sulli is radiantly beautiful, only regret that now that smile has become forever.


Sulli’s fans also placed a memorial board for the deceased female idol at Gwanghwamun Station, Seoul, the mourning atmosphere stretching out in small corners in Korea. On her Instagram, many fans also left comments that missed the female idol like “I miss you so much Sulli”, “How have you been in a year?”, “It’s getting cold, remember Take good care of yourself “,” Rest in peace “,” Everyone misses your beautiful smile “