MAMAMOO Solar has been selected as a new advertising model for the new natural product for sensitive skin of beauty brand BLANCOW.

BLANCOW, a skincare brand that promises to bring users a clean and fair face with natural ingredients, is introducing a new product that has been certified as non-irritating – perfect for sensitive skin.


“Solar’s clean skin and her bright and lively energy go well with the brand’s image, which pursues a no-makeup confidence, so we have selected her as BLANCOW’s new muse,” a BLANCOW marketing official said. “In the future, we are looking forward to Solar’s campaign, which is responsible for clean and moisturizing skin health without irritation, even with sensitive skin.”

Solar, who is making a comeback with her first single album ‘SPIT IT OUT‘ six years after her debut, will show her true value as a solo artist with her original candid and confident charm on April 23. While at the same time, she is also appealing to the public as a YouTuber with 1.97 million subscribers.