When his previous song Bloody Valentine and his new intimate love story with Megan Fox is still a hot-topic, Machine Gun Kelly continued to drop another single named Ex’s Best Friend.


Now his fans are so excited about this new product and expect the singer will have another hit song.

Machine Gun Kelly released another puzzle piece in his fifth album, Tickets To My Downfall with a shady name, Ex’s Best Friend. Gun Kelly and blackbear worked together for this new song.

This is not the first time for Machine Gun Kelly to have a collaboration with blackbear. They used to work for a song in his first album, End of The Road,

After receiving quite an attention, they continued releasing another song called Shoot ‘Em Down and e.z in the Cybersex mixtape of blackbear.

This new album has a pop-punk vibe with the appearance of other famous artists as collaborations, like Trippie Redd, Goody Grace or Mod Sun.

Travis Baker from blink-182 is the producer of Machine’s album. Together, they went on promotion for Bloody Valentine with a social-distancing version in The Late Show With James Corden.

Bloody Valentine topped at the Billboard Rock Digital categories, top-three in Hot Rock & Alternative Songs, which helped Machine Gun Kelly to be nominated for Best Alternative at the 2020 MTV Music Awards.

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Beside the musical achievements, Bloody Valentine also marks as the catalyst for the rapper and the actress in the video, Megan Fox fell for each other.

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After getting caught hanging out together not so long after finishing the movie shooting, rumors about a new couple seemed to be not a rumor at all. Brian Austin Green, Megan’s ex-husband also shared that they had broken up after 10 years.


Although his fifth album hasn’t announced the official release date, fans are so thrilled with high hopes for “Tickets To My Downfall”.