Recently, Doyeon and Jennie made fans jealous of the close and lovely friendship of both girls.

Having surprised fans by their unexpected closeness, recently Doyeon (Weki Meki) and Jennie (BLACKPINK) have made fans even more jealous of their lovely friendship. Specifically, recently, on the occasion of the release of her first album titled The Album, Jennie gave Doyeon a new album with a loving autograph “Doyeonie whom I missed”.


Immediately, this cute album was posted directly on her personal Instagram by Doyeon to show off to fans. After that, Jennie also reposted the photo with the lovely “gift request” caption. This cuteness makes fans extremely excited and also hopes that Jennie will soon receive a gift of Weki Meki’s new album from her best friend Doyeon.


Jennie also showed off a photo taken with her beautiful best friend Doyeon
Before that, the moment when the two girls suddenly became close at the Music Core stage at the end of June surprised fans because of the outstanding Korean girl crush relationship. After the clip showing two girls having close interactions with each other became famous on social networks, Doyeon’s name reached the top trending many countries around the world. During the livestream chat with fans, Doyeon revealed that because she liked Jennie so much, she tried to talk first, but the two were not close.


Jennie and Doyeon are two Korean girl crush girls who are famous for their luxurious image. The common point of both is that they are both well-received in both idol and fashion segments when they are both familiar faces of brands as well as large and small magazines. In addition, fans also noticed that both idols have a hobby of playing with other beautiful girls.

If Doyeon has a group of young and beautiful close friends like Na Eun (April), Hye Won (IZ * ONE), Yeri (Red Velvet), Jennie also owns a group of friends who are famous K-Pop idols like Nayeon ( TWICE) and Irene (Red Velvet).

Although Doyeon once said the two did not know each other in June, perhaps now, after a long time playing together, the two idols have become close friends. Let’s look forward to the moments of the two girls on the next Weki Meki and BLACKPINK promotions!