LOONA‘s member Heejin will take on the lead role in the upcoming music video for singer Ben’s comeback song ‘Bad’, which will be released on April 26.


Heejin has drawn a lot of attention in the MV teaser for ‘Bad’, the title track of Ben’s new mini-album ‘Off the Record,’ which was released on the official SNS accounts of Major9 on April 23.


In the teaser released, Heejin wears a white dress and gives a stunningly pure look between the colorful flowers. She further maximizes the dim atmosphere by closing her eyes, as if she is waiting for and missing someone.

Her emotional performances matches well with the warm lighting, enhancing the immersion of the song and showing off her excellent visual and unique aura, which excites fans around the world.

Heejin is also drawing curiosity as this will be her first attempt at acting. Expectations from fans and the public are quickly rising.

The full version of the music video for Ben’s ‘Bad’ will be released at 6 PM KST on April 26.