Girl group LOONA will hold their first-ever online concert ‘LOOΠΔTHEWORLD: Midnight Festival’ to mark the release of their new mini album ‘[12:00]’.


Their agency, Blockberry Creative, uploaded a poster on their official SNS on September 28, revealing the girl’s online concert: ‘LOOΠΔTHEWORLD: Midnight Festival’.

This concert is significant because it is their first solo concert in about a year and eight months, following the second solo concert ‘LOΠΔΔVERSE’ held in February last year to mark the release of the repackaged album ‘[× ×]’.

LOONA will unveil colorful stages, which boast a number of tracks from their single albums to unit albums, as well as the new mini album ‘[12:00]’, which is scheduled to be released on October 19.


LOONA has proven their global influence as tickets for their first solo concert with the debut of the entire group in 2018 were sold out only in two minutes. Tickets for their fan meetings and events that have been held since then have also been sold out just as fast.

LOONA will make a comeback with their new mini album ‘[12:00]’ at 6 PM KST on October 19. The girl’s first online concert ‘LOOΠΔTHEWORLD: Midnight Festival’, will be held at midnight on October 20 on the MyMusicTaste platform.