Lim Seulong will make a collabration with Lovelyz‘s main vocal Kei.

On May 19, Jellyfish Entertainment said, “Lim Seulong will release a new song. We plan to release digital music in the form of a collaboration with Kei (Lovelyz). ”


In 2008, Lim Seulong debuted as a member of 2AM, the first ballad group, and became the representative ballad idol of Korea as his group continuously achieved many successes through the songs “Can’t Let You.” Go Even If I Die”, “You wouldn’t Answer My Calls”, “I was wrong”, … After that, the company released solo songs like “Normal”, “Melatonin”, “The Moment”, which not only received popularity thanks to their strong vocals but also received collaboration with IU, Joy (Red Velvet), Kisum, Hani and Yaya should receive wide public recognition.

Lim Seulong, who has received love through such collaborations with such diverse artists, is preparing to release a solo song after nearly 3 years since 2017. The expectations are increasing when the announcement has known that the duet song with Kei (Lovelyz) – whose emotional and cute voice – is expected to have a special combination.

On the other hand, Lim Seulong, who predicts a more mature voice and emotion, met Kei (Lovelyz) and makes the public increasingly curious about how the new song will promote synergy.