Leeteuk said in an recent interview that he wants Super Junior to stand on stage as 13 members again, if all the other members agree.


Recently, Leeteuk had an exclusive interview with News1. During this interview, the male star shared about his past, present and future as the 15- year leader of K-Pop idol group Super Junior.


Reporter: How did you become the leader?

Leeteuk: I was given the leader role because I was the oldest. Before Super Junior was formed, I was also the leader of an unreleased project team called Smile. Even then, I felt pressure to become a leader, so I was really nervous after being told that I would lead a big group. At first, I said that I could not do it. At that time, the current president of SM Entertainment – Tak Young Joon was our manager, and he encouraged me by discussing with me a lot. More than anything else, I really want to debut. So I decided to accept the position of a leader. After that, I was able to continue this role thanks to so many people around me. The members have also helped me do it.


Reporter: Super Junior members are considered veterans of the music field. They are more likely to perform their given role professionally, instead of following instructions. Are you the type of leader who lets the members work on their own?

Leeteuk: I think we have already spread our names to the public. Not just as Super Junior, but also as individuals. All of our members are doing really well without me having to worry about them. But a part of me still feels sad. In the same way that parents feel proud but also sad when their children get married (laugh).


Reporter: What is the leader’s mission?

Leeteuk: It’s already the time for me to try to picture Super Junior’s future. Like, ‘How to make Super Junior a lasting group’ and ‘What are we going to do in 5 ~ 10 years’. I thought a lot about this during my enlistment, and that was when I had the idea of ​​creating SJ Label. I also participated in the design of Super Junior’s official lightstick . I am thinking more seriously, more maturely than when I debuted.


Reporter: Actually, Super Junior suffered a lot of hardships and difficulties. How did you feel about it?

Leeteuk: A lot of bad things happened at the same time while we were at the peak of our career. We spent a lot of time in our dorm and cried. But thinking about it now, we have been able to bond more through those hard times. If there is a chance in the future, I want to stand on the same stage with all 13 members again. Of course, if any of the members objected, that would not happen. As a leader, I want to consider the feelings of the members who are currently in Super Junior.