Lee Gi Kwang of the group HIGHLIGHT has accused congressional candidates of accusing him of defaming his honor and confirming his places in the music charts.


Management company Around US said, “We have sued Kim Geun Tae – was a democracy activist and politician of the Republic of Korea – who spread the unfounded truth that Lee Gi Kwang was involved in the manipulation of illegal digital music rankings – accusations of defamation of honor “.

The management company emphasized: “Once again, we would like to announce that there is no fraud and manipulation of illegal digital music rankings related to the artists of the company. In the future, we is expected to implement all measures of civil – ideological “.

On April 8, candidate Kim Geun Tae pointed out, “We have confirmed the fact that online marketing company Craigber has manipulated digital music charts with people’s IDs usually via illegal hacking. ” He pointed out that 10 people as well as singer Lee Gi Kwang were involved.