LE talked about the success and future of EXID and her career. On April 11, the rapper appeared in a video on YouTube channel “Get TV” where artists discuss their life, work, and salary.


When asked how much she earned last year, LE said, “It was a situation where I couldn’t work, so I maintained my living with royalties that I received every month.” As a songwriter and producer, LE has 67 registered songs.

The interviewer was curious if her royalties were worth as much as a Korean car, and LE replied, “Before I debuted as a member of EXID, there was a song called ‘Trouble Maker’ by Trouble Maker and a song I sang with Huh Gak called Whenever You Play That Song.” They were No. 1 and 2 on the music charts for a really long time. I felt happy because I was able to earn a lot of royalties for the first time.


As for her earnings through EXID, LE revealed it was “enough to pay a lot of taxes.” Speaking about her life after EXID’s breakout track “Up & Down,” LE explained, “I started getting paid then. I didn’t have any money before that and couldn’t go home during the holidays because my parents would keep asking me, ‘When will you succeed?’

LE stated that instead of making investments, she has a savings account and collects rent from a studio apartment she owns. She added that she’s lost interest in materialistic things, and she bought her dad a new car last year.


After the end of their contracts, the EXID members parted ways with Banana Culture. “We are all in different agencies now,” she said. “It wasn’t like, ‘Let’s stop promoting.’ There isn’t really a system set up where we can get together to promote yet, so we’re trying to find ways to get together to promote once in a while.