Jennie ‘s nurse outfit scandal was once again turned over after she uploaded a series of new photos on her personal account.


After Jennie’s nurse outfit in MV Lovesick Girls, over the weekend, BLACKPINK had a performance stage at the weekend music program. Jennie then posted behind-the-scenes photos on her personal Instagram and this continued to cause a new controversy. Netizens said that she was expressing her attitude after being criticized by the Korea Medical Employees Federation and the public.


Shortly thereafter, the long-standing newspaper Chosun Ilbo published an article, questioned the same, and at the same time turned Jennie’s nurse outfit with a harsh attitude. The act of annotating the series with the song “We are some pretty savage” on the song Pretty Savage and wearing “Censored” pants is said to be Jennie’s response to the criticism.


This caused netizens to argue fiercely, claiming that Jennie was showing her attitude after being criticized for the nurse’s outfit. Below the comment section of the article, Korean netizens had a heated debate, there were many criticisms of Jennie, but there were also many opinions in favor of female idols. Once again, Jennie’s nurse outfit became the subject of a “heated” controversy.